Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surprise!! A new KAL and Spring!

There are two kinds of people, those who love a surprise and those who abhor them.

For the fan of surprises, a mystery knit a long is a great adventure.  Those folks quickly sign up and wait impatiently for the first set of instructions to hit their inbox.

While still others think "Heck, no way!" and "What if I don't like it?" or "What if I can't do it?"

It's been a long winter here in central Indiana and having a little mystique might just get us through  the next few weeks. To celebrate the arrival of spring 2014
Alpaca with a Twist is hosting a Mystery KAL.  It is a fast knit, it's fun and best of all, it's free!

All you need to do to join us is send your email address to cathi@alpacawithatwist.com by March 20.  Your first set of instructions will arrive on the 21st, along with a few of my favorite knitting tips.

If your heart is pounding and you are now skimming this post...go ahead and sign up....You won't be sorry.

If you are beginning to chew your fingernails and are trying to justify why NOT to sign up, let me encourage you to join us.  If you can knit and purl you can do this and will enjoy not only the finished product, but I suspect will look forward to each new post. 
Our last KAL was so much fun and everyone loved their sweater.  (A hint now)   This is NOT a sweater and we don't have to worry about gauge or size, and that is exactly why I chose it.   You can do this, yes you can!

All you will need is a jumbo hank of AWAT Baby Twist yarn, a size 10  32" circular needle and a couple of stitch markers.  But don't forget!  Contact me: cathi@alpacawithatwist.com and just leave your name and email address. 

Looking forward to meeting some new folks along the way!

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