Thursday, April 28, 2011

We need knitters!

Hey there readers! Do you love alpaca? Do you love knitting? Do you like money? How would you like to get paid to knit squares for us? We will be showcasing some of our wonderful colors of Baby Twist at TNNA in June, but we don't have time to knit all that we want to! So I'm coming up with my dream-team of knitters- I need 5 to 6 people to help make squares (only one or two each- and they're not that big)

We supply the yarn. We supply the pattern. We provide a pre-paid envelope to return your squares. Please e-mail me at if you're interested in making a little money for some knitting!

***If you're on Ravelry, please include your username. If you aren't, it would be really nice to see pictures of something you've made so an appropriate pattern can be assigned!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Look! More colors!

We've had a busy couple weeks here at Alpaca With A Twist and I thought I'd take a few minutes to show you something new and exciting! Last year we introduced Touchdown, a wool/alpaca/bamboo blend in blue and white that we were selling to make Superbowl Scarves for the Indianapolis Superbowl next year. We've had lots of people say some really nice things about our Superbowl yarn so we've decided to add more colors to the lineup and make it a first string yarn (there I go trying to go all sporty with you- sorry about that!).

So here's a sneak peak of some of the colors that will be available this summer! (Aren't they pretty? I can see a few hats in my team colors coming up for this fall!)