Friday, December 10, 2010


If you were one of the people who saw Surino at TNNA and have been patiently's finally here! If not, then I'll give you the stats.

Surino is our brand new yarn! It's a triple-first for us, it's our first Suri alpaca yarn, it's our first sport-weight yarn, and it's our first yarn milled in the US! I know- seriously exciting stuff. Let's's 70% suri alpaca, 30% merino, comes in 7 colors and has 175 yards per 50g skein. The colors, top to bottom: Daffodill, Gray, Sage, Baltic Blue, Plum, Natural, Rose Quartz
My sweater! It's in Gray and with a little luck and a lot of midnight knitting, it should be ready for TNNA in Long Beach. It's soooo soft- I think I might need a bag of Surino in every color.
Anyhoo, that's our little Surino teaser to get you craving some suri-softness. Happy Knitting and have a great day!