Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Kinsale, Ireland
Ireland was beautiful and what I consider to be storybook perfect.   I stayed in Kinsale and we (my friend Michelle and I) traveled the southern part of the country.   We toured old churches, and old homes, and old castles.  I was really excited to learn more about wool and the knitting industry in Ireland.   We even stopped to visit a sheep farm and watch a herding dog demonstration but what I learned was most of the sheep in Ireland are meat sheep and not used for their fiber.   Even though all of the beautiful tweeds (including the tweed in Highlander) come from Donegal Ireland and the Aran sweater is from The Aran Islands, there isn't a lot of wool or knitting.   I have to admit I was not in the northern part of the country where you find Donegal or the Aran Islands but I thought I would see more of it in the country as a whole.  There were a lot of knit items in the tourist shops and we did see several examples of weaving.   But I came across a really interesting label so I took a picture just to share here.
Has anyone else ever seen a chart of what a specific stitch or cable means?


  1. OK - third at leaving a comment. I give up if this one doesn't work. I have seen these stitch definitions before. On a tea towel once, I believe! I think they were created to answer the questions of tourists. I also saw stitch definitions in a novel called "Casting Off" by Nicole Dickson. Alice Starmore, in her Aran Knitting book writes that she believes that the stories and myths of Aran Knitting were created the 1900's to benefit the tourism trade. It kinda fits with the custom of Irish Blarney!