Monday, September 26, 2011

Mojito Mitten Knit-Along!

Hey there Alpaca Lovers! After my last post I got to thinking...and I think that you should join me on our big October Mitten Knit-along! We will be knitting our mittens out of Alpaca With A Twist Mojito, naturally in the color of your choosing. You will need 2 hanks for mittens, but you could probably squeeze a pair of fingerless mitts out of 1 hank. We will be knitting-along all of October, but you can go at your pace. If you post your pictures/thoughts/tips with us on the Ravelry group or facebook page, you'll be eligible to win prizes! Or if you'd like to send your pictures to me at, I'd be happy to share them on the blog too.

I am writing up the pattern over the next day or two and will be happy to share if you'd like to join me in this knit-along. Or if you crochet and find a crochet pattern that you'd like to make with us, we'd love to have you too!

Here are the first pictures, more to come with the pattern!

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