Thursday, August 25, 2011

Single Skeins: Highlander

Hello and welcome to Single Skeins- an online matching service that specializes fiber crafters to the alpaca yarn or alpaca blend of their dreams! Today's featured beauty is....


Name: Highlander

Color: Hawthorne Pink

Sign: Libra

Yardage: 145


"I'm just your typical outdoorsy lass looking for that special fiber crafter to bring out the best in me!"

Perfect Match:

"I'm a very easy to please yarn that works in all sorts of projects. I'm looking for someone who is fearless and loves working with ruggedly adorable yarns like me! :p I work up best on 7's to 10's for you knitters out there and am a snuggly blend that makes everything from sweet sweaters to awesome accesories!"

Perfect Date:

"While I come in some girly colors, I'm no girly-girl! Take me hiking, camping or rock climbing. I also love a good road trip and any adventure is good enough for me!"


"Braveheart is the best movie ever. Hands down. End of story. I love pretty much everything on the Discovery Channel and am totally hooked on "The Deadliest Catch". I love reading anything by Sir Walter Scott and I love Scottish and Irish pop and punk music like Snow Patrol, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphies, and the Coors. And I might have an Enya CD or you. You know- for chill time."

Anything else?

"I can do a great Sean Connery impression and make a mean Shepherd's pie!"

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  1. This was enlightening. I never would have guessed she could do a Sean Connery impression. I am impressed!