Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wondering Where We Are, Blame In On the ICE!

Everyone knew before me that a storm was coming. I really must have been living in my own world this past weekend because I missed all the hype. Monday came and I was reminded it might be the last time I was in the warehouse for a couple of days so I needed to have everything packed. UPS comes and I have only started, but never fear my UPS guy is the best and he comes back an hour later. I still wasn't finished packing but that was OK I would just take the rest of the boxes with me. It was 5:15 and so far no rain/sleet/ice. Well I finished packing and was ready to start thinking about going home at 6:30. I go out to move my car to the dock and it was covered in ice. I backed up to the dock using an open door and loaded the car to sit for 30 minutes so I could drive home and actually see.

Move forward to Thursday after two days at home and a brief visit to the warehouse on Wednesday. Which I find out in no way shape or form could I ask anyone to come to work there as the stairs, dock, and parking lot were nothing short of an ice rink. On Thursday with the help of some guys my sister grabbed from the gas station the warehouse was less of a hazard or so I thought. My goal on Thursday was to start getting caught up. Not only have we had ice but Paige has been sick and she keeps everything at the warehouse moving so we are really behind. I start to get work done and run upstairs where the restroom is to hear water coming in. Not too big of a deal as leaks have been chased all fall and winter with a new roof. An hour later I run back upstairs to find not 1 but 20 or more leaks and it is time to call the land lord. Only the land lord is my sister and in my family when 1 sister has a problem both sisters have a problem. I spend the next hour placing containers under the drips (what is it called when the drips all run together?).

So the next time an ice storm comes and people are worried about losing electricity (which never happened) I'm going to be worried about all of the flat roofs that are covered with ice and leak when the ice starts to thaw and all of that water has to have someplace to go. What a mess. I did see the roof of the warehouse and it would have been the most wonderful skating rink. It was beautifully smooth and a nice big open space. I also have to say my sister texted me to tell her she had a roof leak at home at the exact same time I was calling her to tell her about the multiple roof leaks at the warehouse.

Spring where are you?

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