Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So remember that neon yarn from the last post? We've been slowly rehanking and tidying it up for a while now and you know what- it's not bad. It's actually kinda cool. There are some really awesome skeins in there (one of which may or may not have "Paige Is Awesome" written in to it with blue dye) so we're going to let you guys get some of our new limited-edition colorway called "oops". There's absolutely nothing wrong with it- it just didn't quite match the color we needed it to. Jennifer took it out West last week to a show and a few people got a bunch to sell for October/Breast Cancer Awareness month since it's a little on the pinky side.

So here's our color- which you can buy at the cost of normal, non-handpainted Socrates. But you might want to call quickly- I don't think it will be hanging around very long.

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