Thursday, September 2, 2010

So exciting, your head might explode

Okay, it's not *that* exciting, but we think it's pretty cool.
We have kinda-sorta introduced a new product! Starting now, we're going to sell blank Baby Twist (in a special 100g/220 yard quantity), undyed Socrates, and undyed Fino to Indie dyers everywhere! So if you are a dyer or know a dyer and would like to try out some of our totally awesome yarns, then give us a call, leave us a comment or make a really obvious alpaca-shaped smoke signal and we'll get you some information! (Must have tax ID number)

We're also really close to having people move in upstairs! Hooray for neighbors! It's been a huge team effort to make it possible (I painted the bathrooms, part of a hallway and some of an office!) and it's fun to look for all of the little changes that happen over the course of a day. They're putting in some really awesome things like cubicles....
And a copy machine (I'm totally going to copy my face tonight when they leave!)
And a wheelchair ramp/bridge from the parking lot. I was really hoping they'd put in one of those Bridge-of-Peril things that you see in Indiana Jones movies where it's made of rope that's billions of years old with wood steps that makes a toothpick feel significant....and of course we'd need a moat, preferably filled with anacondas and alligators (but I'd settle for large, ill-tempered garter snakes). But since that was pretty much what we had before (minus the moat) they decided to put up something a little safer and less...Amazonian. Here's a picture of what I was hoping they'd install...and then one of the bridge they're actually putting in.
Seriously, where is their sense of adventure? :p

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