Friday, January 20, 2012


I've really enjoyed watching downtown Indianapolis transform in the last-minute preparations before our glorious city hosts the Super Bowl. Every day there's something new- a sign here, a tent there, a bit of graffiti gone. It's brutally cold this week, but the city is in warm spirits.

We've had the honor over the past year to be a part of the Super Scarves program, and we even created a yarn called Touchdown in blue & white- the Super Bowl Committee colors. We had such a wonderful response from the fiber crafters that used Touchdown for their Super Scarves that we decided to add 10 more colors and add Touchdown to our starting line-up. Touchdown is 60% Highland wool, 20% Alpaca, and 20% Bamboo- the unique combination of those fibers allows a tighter twist that isn't normally possible with just alpaca, and the bamboo adds a subtle heathering to the yarns because it doesn't take dye like protein fibers.

From left to right:Gumball, Rosy, Mango, Bumblebee, Grassy Knoll, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Believe in Blue, Plush Purple, Mystic. Below: First Frost and Black Pearl

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