Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them

I bet you think I am going to write about men, right? Well in my life it is a computer. I am sitting here typing on a compouter with no "u", a "j" that is about ready to fall off and an "o" that only works when you hit it hard. I sent a whole message to my sister without any "o's" before I realized I had a problem. Believe it or not it isn't this computer I have had the problem with. Just about one month ago my main point of sale computer stopped working in the middle of running a report. Like all of us have done a million times when the computer locked up I turned it off, waited, and turned it back on. Little did I know I would never again see the information on that computer. After countless numbers of hours trying to retrieve all of the 6 years of information it was decided to send the computer to computer heaven. I know everyone is asking how could I not have all of my data backed up? Well my external hard drive stopped working. I bought a new one at the same time as the dyeing disaster. It came with its own software and I never took the time to learn how to use it. Now the computer was also a fancy computer which was supposed to create it's own backup with a mirrored drive system but as luck would have it this also failed. I may not have helped myself but I can't begin to tell you the number of friends, family, and customers that now are backing up their system that didn't a month a ago. Oh yea ours also backs up every file that was changed the day before at midnight. Lesson learned and thank goodness for good old fashioned hard copies.

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