Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Twist 10 packs and 7 new colors

We finally recieved a shipment of Baby Twist 10 packs. The shelves look much better and backorders will ship tomorrow. The exciting news is that in addition to restocking we also received 7 new colors. The colors are pictured on the left. (sorry I took the picture this evening without natural light) With the exception of 1 these are actually colors we had previously used for Punch. The one new color is the bright yellowish green and it needs a name. (it is slightly greener in real life.) We are coming to you for help. Please submit your suggestion of names and the we will send the winning person with the winning name a 10 pack of Baby Twist in this new color. Email us at with your suggestions.


  1. Ooooooh, can't wait to see the new color card, do these colors come in jumbo hanks too?
    How do we submit color names?
    I'll just drop a few ideas and tell my customers to do the same.
    Sour apple, green apple, electric green, limeaid, Spring green, inchworm.

  2. The colors will be available in jumbo hanks but we don't have those in the warehouse yet. This works for submitting names I did edit the post with an email address also.

  3. OK, I'm officially posting here (and in my newsletter), that IF for some reason I win, I will pass the winning along and draw an email address from my customer listing.
    I'm mentioning this in this week's newsletter, so let's see the names begin!

    The Local Needle

  4. I'm here because outdoorknitter told me to. :)

    Hmmm.. My color choices for the yellow are:
    Lollipop or Spring Morning.

    Thanks, this was fun.

  5. lemon mousse (yellow)
    spring grass (green)

  6. salamander is my choice for the green

  7. My name is Morlee, I would like to submit
    edamame as the color name for the green or

  8. Chameleon or Spring's Sprite

    They are beautiful!

  9. I would call the yellow green Coleus Green!
    As in this third pic from the left....

  10. How about Key Lime Pie for the yellowish green color?

  11. My vote is Spring Peeper (as in those cute little tree frogs) but I love everyone else's names too!

    Thanks Joan for referring us to this site!

  12. I am so happy to see those punch colors being available. I loved the colors as much as the punch yarn! :-) My thoughts on a name would be sweet celery or margarita.

  13. Nice colors! Here are my ideas for the yellowish-green: grasshopper, midori, honeydew, lemon-lime, Granny Smith. Thanks for having us do this!

    -- Nancy, Lafayette, CO

  14. love the colors. here are my thoughts on naming the new yarn color.

    margarita melancholy
    pea shoots
    lettuce be havin you ( play on old english police officer phrase of "let's be havin you")
    summer haze
    apple washington

  15. Lemon Grass - Sweet Pea - Celadon - Imperial Jade
    Spring Sage - Green Lea - Spring Greens -

  16. ooh...yummy colors!! how about mojito or honeydew!!!!

  17. Two more would be "Kiwi" or "Bibb".

  18. The color reminds me of my kitty so.....

    Cat's (or Cat) Eye

  19. My suggestion is "Pistachio". Wonderful colors!