Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just for the Fun of It!

This spring I bought The Knitter's Life List (author Gwen Steege) for myself and a friend.  The book has been out for a couple of years and it always intrigued me.  I just never took the time to buy it, let alone read it.  The book is full of tips and techniques, styles and traditions, suggested yarn fibers to try, famous knitting personalities and 1001 inspirations for every knitter.  So if you need a summer read, this one will keep you up until dark (and that's saying something here in Indiana)!

Summer knitting often involves smaller projects that can be toted about in our beach bags, suitcases and handbags.  Like you I have done more than my share of knitting socks, scarves and hats to amuse myself on long car drives and air flights. 
There's something empowering, I think, to be  working on my Christmas gift giving list during the summer months.  (Let's be honest here.  I never am finished with my ever growing list until the final hours.  It's a goal, that's all.) 

Knitted toys are perfect knits for the warmer months and there are so many wonderful patterns and unusual ideas that one can hardly imagine what to pick up first. 
I think they have become so widely popular due to the number of clever designers and wonderful creations they have shared. 
Even though they might be small in size, quite often there are a variety of techniques in knitting them and that keeps one interested.
Not only can you brush up on your knit skills, you will be creating a little masterpiece to share with a child who will love the fiber thin and threadbare.  What better compliment to each of us!

You might knit a super hero or a beautiful doll.  You might design a monster (and you all know there's a great little contest going on for that).  You might knit animals for a baby shower gift or even finger puppets.  One thing is for sure, bet you won't knit just one because every child in your life will be standing in line for their own little creation. 

So what does all this have to do with The Knitter's Life List?  Actually knitting Just for the Fun of It is one chapter in the book and I concur, sometimes you do things just because it's fun and it makes someone smile.  So how is your monster coming along, anyway?

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Summer Challenge

Monsters, create them and knit or crochet them for cash!!

Who doesn't love a challenge?  Just for fun, we have one for you!
Even better, one talented designer will receive a $100 cash prize and yarn to replace what was used for the entry.
No need to attend Monster University, just get out those needles and hooks, pick up a ball of
Big Baby ( our super soft and cuddly fiber) and create an original design.

Check out our little Monsters on our Facebook Page!

So here's the scoop:
Submit your written pattern and photo to info@alpacawithatwist by July 15, 2013.
The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges based on originality of design and pattern support.
Please include your name, mailing address and phone number with your submission.
Finalist will be asked to send in their monster for photo opts and authenticity.
Be sure to use Alpaca With A Twist's Big Baby yarn to qualify!
Our winner of the Summer 2013 Contest will be announced August 1st. 

Bring out the kid in you, and good luck!